He wanted to sell his motocycle

Posted On May - 11 - 2015

I hate persons who count that making deal with me is possible in their own rules. It is mistake. I am here to make cash and not giving gifts. It is why I offered for him only $4000. He would like to earn $6k more but I have refused his offer. The problem is that this motorcycle is not brand new and has few elements to change. I have to pay for it if I want to sell it for $10k. It is why I gave lower price than usual. I was really surprised when he showed me his ass and ask if I am ready to pay him for sex. I don’t know how he guessed that I am a homosexual but in fact his buttocks were delicious.

I decided to make him additional offer. We went to the office to talk about new deal. I offered him full price I he will be ready to fuck with me and agree to film everything. He didn’t know that I am running my erotic website where I am publishing my clips. It was not only great guy and wonderful sex but I made double deal. I have sold his motorcycle and many subscribers joined my website.


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