His crutches were dirty cheap

Posted On May - 24 - 2015

I have never had any client who would like to sell own crutches. But all customers are welcome in my shop and it doesn’t matter if they would like to buy or sell something. It is why I am trying to talk with all customers and it is really not important for me what kind of deal they would like to do. But his crutches wasn’t brand new. Additional disadvantage was fact that they weren’t branded. This type of low quality medical equipment is always worth few bucks only.

It wasn’t easy for me because I have known that he needed money but I offered him $10. Guy was really sad because this price so I decided to talk with him longer in my office. He was really handsome guy so I asked him if he will be ready to earn some cash by sex. He was in true troubles so decided to do it without any moment of thinking. I have paid him few hundreds dollars and I think that both sides were fully satisfied.


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