My next black boyfriend

Posted On August - 18 - 2014

Maybe you will think that I am strange. But trust me that I love big cocks. I am straight gay but from time to time with big pleasure I play with other men. This one guy is my last partner. He is black, muscular and have long snake between his legs. I enjoy touching, sucking and feeling it in my asshole. I will tell you my secret: my girlfriend doesn’t know about it. I love her so much but sex with her is not the same like with men. I feel then very excited and maybe I am loosing my head but I can’t life without it. I picked this guy up in the sop. I wanted to sell my old bracelet to have a money for a gift for my girlfriend. But he was so nice that I couldn’t not ask him for a date. Of course we haven’t go for a coffee because we are typical fuck buddies. Below I have pasted my private video in tube style. I have hope that you will enjoy it.


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