Nice naked men on CCTV

Posted On September - 19 - 2014

We have always turned all CCTV cameras in our shop. Probably not all customers know about it and doing wild things! This one guy bringed to us a many junk items. Old keyboard, monitor and some fake plant. I was so embarrassing. How dare them offer us this shit. I have professional listened him and next I told him that that all things are just a junk. And he can’t count on our money. He was disappointed but it was something special in him. First of all he was a handsome guy who needed our help. That is why I gave him a special offer. I agreed to pay him full price but not for his goods. I wanted to try how tastes his tight ass! He agreed and we went to the office of the shop. He probably didn’t know that our CCTV cameras are always turned on and everything has been recorded.


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